3 Bullet Update

by Jennifer Chizuk — During my time as COO at the Haas School of Business, I initiated a communication with staff called the Monthly 3-Bullet Point Update. Each month, I sent out 3 short bullet points containing the most important information for staff to know. The total length of the update was no more than a ½ page and would take less than 2 minutes to read. It became a well -read communication. These are my three lessons to pass along to you in the format of the monthly 3-bullet update…

So what is “Academic Governance” all about?

UC Berkeley has a tradition of strong faculty / academic governance. We need to be strategic about how we use our resources in order to keep Berkeley on a path of excellence and not a glide path to mediocrity. The University is a vehicle to keep the California dream alive and we need to do so intelligently. We are one of the world’s greatest universities period.

Dear Campus Learners…

Welcome letter from Jennifer Chizuk

Welcome to the Wisdom Café, a new learning portal that will give you access to knowledge across campus that is current, relevant, continuous and engaging. As you tour the café, you will see great content to support your own professional development being shared in the form of career stories, blogs, and videos and articles that have touched colleagues in some significant way.