• Communities of practice: These groups meet regularly to share best practices tips and advice around a shared domain of interest
  • Staff organizations: These groups support gender and cultural diversity while offering a safe space on campus to share and learn about each other.
“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” ― George Bernard Shaw

Recent posts

How video conferencing tools help me save time, money, and my sanity! - by Jennifer Bellenger — In the past decade we’ve seen web-based video tools like Hangouts, Skype, and Facetime change the way the world communicates. Just as having a cellphone is now ubiquitous, I don’t know how I would get things done without the ability to connect with people using free (or low cost) video conferencing tools. As a full-time employee, part-time graduate student and busy mom, I simply don’t have time to drive or fly to meetings with colleagues and classmates here, there and everywhere. For example, just last month I saved countless hours (and dollars) using Google Hangouts, BlueJeans, Zoom, WebEx, and FaceTime.
Cal Answers That! – Check out the new Cal Answers Undergraduate Multiple Majors dashboard - The Cal Answers team just released the new Multiple Majors dashboard to help you answer questions such as: What percentage of undergraduate students campus-wide and in a given major are single, double, or triple majors? Has that changed over time? Which programs have the highest number and percentage of multiple majors?
Tea and Technical Training, from SAIT - A few years ago, Nathan Clark was sitting with his boss and another colleague brainstorming ways to reach more people with technical training and tech support services. "We felt our support was great for staff in the Residential and Student Service Programs, because that's where the technical training service originated," recalls Clark. "But our mandate expanded when we grew into an IT group for the whole division -- into SAIT. We didn't want to provide lopsided service; we wanted to show up reliably for everyone in Student Affairs."
Hello, My name is… - Welcome. So where do I start? Well let’s try hello! My name is Katrina - not to be confused with Hurricane Katrina! I am an Administrative Assistant 3 in Central Human Resources. Some of you may be wondering what is “Keeping up with the Admins?” Well let me just say we sure aren’t the Kardashians. We are the people that keep the organizations we support going.
How to Bring Your Creative Self to Work - When I’m not wearing my IT Director hat, I’m a writer, a poet, and a book designer. In fact, Berkeley’s reputation for innovation and work-life balance is what initially drew me to working at Cal twenty years ago. Work-life balance is a big plus for artists… Read more...
Cal Dining Culture Recipe - Hi Student Affairs. We want to share with you a brief story about a team that is building pride, trust and community in their workplace! Cal Dining provides meal service to approximately 33,000 customers on an average school day. They accomplish this miraculous feat with 350 career employees, roughly 400 student employees and a whole lot of teamwork.
Making the Invisible Visible - As our operating principles state we should continuously move “Toward a more together, innovative, simplified, accountable, and service-oriented workplace”. It is my belief that we can reach that goal by creating a culture of continuous improvement. How do we get there?
The CSS Continuous Improvement Journey - Creative continuous improvement boards cover the walls at CSS and all staff work together to proactively problem solve on the boards. These boards, and staff actively maintaining the boards, are helping create a culture of continuous improvement which fosters teamwork, participation, continuous learning, and flexibility and demonstrates a proactive approach to preventing problems.
Cal Answers That! Remodeled Home Page - The Cal Answers homepage has a new look! This post includes an introduction to the new page, as well as a tutorial video.
Cal Answers That! – Top Ten Dashboard Tips - Cal Answers Top Ten Dashboard Tips from the newest Office of Planning and Analysis (OPA) Institutional Research Analysts, Audrey Thomas and Malcolm Quon. As they were on-boarding to the OPA team and learning how to navigate the Cal Answers global dashboards they created a list of tips they wanted to share with the campus Cal Answers community. Check it out and thank them if you find it helpful!
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