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Unlocking the Power of Growth Mindsets - We had our 2nd session of the “Thriving as a Manager at Berkeley” program focused on the concept of Growth Mindsets. We were led by Laura Kray, a faculty member at the Haas School of Business who teaches on this topic, and Jo Mackness, our… Read more...
Managing Through Transition: Looking In and Looking Out - We had a very successful kick-off to our new program “Thriving as a Manager at Berkeley” with about 100 managers participating! Homa Bahrami, a Senior Lecturer at the Haas School of Business, started us off interviewing Carol Christ, our Interim Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost… Read more...
3 Bullet Update - by Jennifer Chizuk — During my time as COO at the Haas School of Business, I initiated a communication with staff called the Monthly 3-Bullet Point Update. Each month, I sent out 3 short bullet points containing the most important information for staff to know. The total length of the update was no more than a ½ page and would take less than 2 minutes to read. It became a well -read communication. These are my three lessons to pass along to you in the format of the monthly 3-bullet update...
Getting to Quality Outcomes – the Art of Delegation - Delegation is more than just assigning a task to someone. It involves designating responsibility and indicating the level of authority in which they can act. Your role is to follow up to ensure progress while honoring the employee’s autonomy.
Sharing the Load – the Art of Delegation - In today’s campus climate, managers and supervisors are expected to achieve business objectives with less resources. Given your current workload you may be asking yourself, how on earth can this be accomplished?
Process Improvement – A Client Interview - An interview of Nancy McKinney by Delia Clark, featuring questions about the projects, methodologies, and the continuous improvement mindset.
Can Mindful Managers Make Happier Employees? - We’ve seen rising interest in the impact of cultivating moment-to-moment awareness in the workplace. Most research has focused on benefits for employees who practice meditation or who possess high mindfulness traits or skills, like accepting feelings without judgment. Yet, very little work has been done to examine how someone’s mindfulness influences other people in a workplace setting. Is it possible that your mindfulness practice could influence your colleagues?
Should We Have a Retreat? Should We Have a Retreat? - You know you would like to convene people to move work forward, but how do you decide whether it will be most effective to hold a meeting, a retreat, or a summit, or just hang out together? Before investing in a retreat as a sponsor, planner, or participant, take three steps to determine what type of event will be most effective.
Team Building with Myers-Briggs—Building a Home Out of M&M’s Team Building with Myers-Briggs—Building a Home Out of M&M’s - The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a useful instrument for illustrating and appreciating differences between each other. The following is a simple teambuilding activity you can use when your unit is in need of something lighthearted!
A Team Approach to Strategic Planning and Performance Objectives - n 2014-2015, Haas was developing a 5 year strategic business plan using the OGST framework - Objective, Goals, Strategy and Tactics. I felt our team could use a similar approach for our strategic planning, and aligning our team’s individual performance goals to the school-wide OGST. Having used (and delivered against) this framework for the last two years to great effect, I thought it would be helpful to share some of our keys to success that enabled us to go from strategy to execution...and, more importantly, empower our team every step of the way.
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