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Leadership and Career Enhancement for Staff of Color - I am pleased to announce that we have completed our pilot of the new “Leadership and Career Enhancement Program for Staff of Color” at UC Berkeley! This is an effort by the campus to offer leadership development and career opportunities to staff who have traditionally been underserved in development and in the representation of our leadership.
A Personal Leadership Story: Shirley Salanio - I have often considered myself a reluctant leader. You see, I am an introvert and not usually the first person to speak up in a meeting, nor do I necessarily feel comfortable being the center of attention. Therefore, it was quite a surprise to receive the privilege and honor of being nominated and selected as one of the first participants of the UCB Leadership and Career Enhancement Program for Staff of Color.
A Personal Leadership Story: Kristine Lee - My name is Kristine Lee and I’m an Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions at UC Berkeley. I am also Co-Chair for APASA, Asian Pacific American Systemwide Alliance at UC Berkeley. I was chosen for the pilot cohort for this leadership program. I am humbled to be selected and I learned a lot of lessons throughout the program.
Summer of Learning - During the school year it’s easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day, and become so busy keeping up with work and homelife, that we don’t always make time for ourselves to grow personally or professionally. That’s why I am encouraging you, my UC Berkeley colleagues, to take some time to learn something new this summer.
A Sweet Lunch Story - by Gabriel Gonzalez // There are many ways to show appreciation in the workplace, and one of the most meaningful is through making time for people. This can be as small as taking the time to address a 5-minute hallway question, or as involved as… Read more...
I Resolve to… Make Friends with Discomfort (or at least tolerate it. . .) - I climbed up the very thin twenty-four foot ladder, cautiously stepped onto the platform, and stood.  Gazing out toward the vastness of the warehouse, I felt a sudden tremor and I froze. Is it about to collapse? Has the earth picked the worst possible time… Read more...
I Resolve to… Make an Impact at Berkeley - I know for some at UC Berkeley this is a time of uncertainty, but as a self described perennial optimist, I see uncertainty as opportunity and opportunity is super exciting! Some changes in leadership are thrilling- most notably the appointment of Chancellor Christ. I’m so… Read more...
Your Professional Development: The “What” and The “How” - by Inette Dishler - As the school year begins, it’s a good time for all of us to think about what we want to learn! Everyone in our campus community can be learning all the time - not just our students. So how do you figure out what and how to learn?
Pursuing Professional Development: A Personal Staff Story - by Susie Hill - In pursuing my own professional development, I first have to step on some A.N.T.S (Automatic Negative Thinking) according to Daniel Amen . But luckily, my being nosy got me to peruse the UC Berkeley website when I first started working here, and that lead me to find the Berkeley Staff Assembly and the Wisdom Café website, a one stop shop to gather information for your professional development needs.
Communities of Practice - by Marlita Khan - One of the best things I’ve done here at Berkeley is to become involved in Communities of Practice (COPs). What are COPs? COPs bring together staff with similar professional interests, and serve as a community to share knowledge and offer professional development.
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