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IT Leadership Program: Leadership Reflections Series - Since starting the ITLP program in 2012, UC Berkeley has had more than 47 graduates of the IT Leadership Program (ITLP). Participants include campus-wide IT professionals. MOR Associates was chosen as the training platform for our IT professionals. MOR Associates has been supporting, advising and… Read more... Featured Videos - To help you get the maximum benefit out of, we are going to feature videos that we think you will find interesting, relevant and informative. We are especially interesting in sharing what your peers and colleagues are checking out and “liking”.
Shhhh – How to Get Better at Listening - by Inette Dishler — Stop Talking! That’s the first rule of attentive listening. You can not talk and listen at the same time, so to be a better listener, you have to stop talking! Did you know that the word Silent is in the word Listen?
Introduction to! - As you may have heard, Central HR has just switched the campus e-Learning provider to With its anywhere, anytime video based platform, we feel that Lynda will revolutionize new skill adoption & professional development at UC Berkeley. At the 20 day mark, our user adoption is through the roof, with a whopping 400+ hours of content having already been viewed by staff.
Creativity in Challenging Times – What I See Working Right Now - Stressed? Overwhelmed? Discover two actions you can easily take to cultivate creativity for groups and yourself. My work facilitating planning discussions throughout UC provides a robust ‘lab’ for enhancing group creativity.
Matías Tarnopolsky Creativity: The Human Resource - Creativity is about challenging ourselves to think in new ways, and to be willing to explore places and spaces we think we already know well, or those we have never before visited. Just as important, creativity is also about basic things like developing good work habits, perseverance, and the absolute—fearless, in fact—willingness to try, and to try again. Most importantly, all of this must be grounded in ethics and values.
Recommendation: TED Talk: What I learned from 100 days of rejection by Jia Jiang - This Talk is amazing. Jia Jiang talks about how his childhood fears were holding him back. Then how he learned to stare down and work through his fears.
Recommendation: Why the Problem with Learning Is Unlearning - We all know now that it is critical that we keep learning in our lives in order to keep growing and to keep up with changes in our jobs and in the world. This interesting article in the Harvard Business Review talks about how we also need to unlearn.
The Impact of Advisers of Color - UC Berkeley is attempting to address the underrepresentation of faculty of color in relation to their roles addressing campus culture, climate, and diversity. Where are similar efforts for staff, specifically advisors of color?
Recommendation: Cultivating Collaboration TED Talk - This talk illustrates how sometimes those who "stars" only appear to be stars because they are repressing everyone else's productivity. Further more, when toxic situations and defensiveness can be reduced in the workplace trust goes up and everyone is happier and more productive as a result.
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