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Take 5: Five Ways to Negotiate Through Workplace Conflict (March 27, 2017) - Start by being a “principled problem solver” by “negotiating on the merits as an alternative to positional bargaining”. According to Fisher and Ury, “taking a position” and “arguing for it and making concessions to reach a compromise” (p. 3) is inefficient “as more attention is paid to positions, less is devoted to meeting the underlying concerns of the parties.” (p. 5)
Tea and Technical Training, from SAIT (March 21, 2017) - A few years ago, Nathan Clark was sitting with his boss and another colleague brainstorming ways to reach more people with technical training and tech support services. "We felt our support was great for staff in the Residential and Student Service Programs, because that's where the technical training service originated," recalls Clark. "But our mandate expanded when we grew into an IT group for the whole division -- into SAIT. We didn't want to provide lopsided service; we wanted to show up reliably for everyone in Student Affairs."
Take 5: Five Campus Systems That Will Improve Your Learning & Performance (March 19, 2017) - Lynda.com and the following list of On-line Courses and Books Your new FREE video based learning and professional development tool. Use it to build professional skills and expand your career options.
Getting to Quality Outcomes – the Art of Delegation (March 17, 2017) - Delegation is more than just assigning a task to someone. It involves designating responsibility and indicating the level of authority in which they can act. Your role is to follow up to ensure progress while honoring the employee’s autonomy.
Hello, My name is… (March 15,2017) - Welcome. So where do I start? Well let’s try hello! My name is Katrina - not to be confused with Hurricane Katrina! I am an Administrative Assistant 3 in Central Human Resources. Some of you may be wondering what is “Keeping up with the Admins?” Well let me just say we sure aren’t the Kardashians. We are the people that keep the organizations we support going.
Take 5: Five New Career Realities (March 13,2017) - The Need to Take a More Entrepreneurial Approach to Career Development Career success is more dependent on “entrepreneurial” thinking and action than ever before. What do I mean by “entrepreneurial” thinking and action? This is the ability to take more risk, actively and aggressively seek out new opportunities and connections, think creatively about career pathways, dedication to developing “crossover” career skills that transcend sector, and the ability (to gracefully) promote oneself and one’s abilities.
Agile Toolkit: Lean Coffee: a method for organizing agenda-less meetings (March 10,2017) - From Agile Community of Practice Brown Bag, February 6, 2017 Lean is a methodology for identifying waste, like Lean Sixth Sigma. But what is Lean Coffee? From Leancoffee.org: Lean Coffee is a structured, but agenda-less meeting. Participants gather, build an agenda, and begin talking. Conversations… Read more...
For all Staff: Financial Fair for Personal Finance – March 16 (March 9,2017) - Are you unsure if you are saving enough for retirement? Are you a new employee and want to understand how to make full use of your employee benefits? Do you understand the pension plan and which tier you are in? Find out the answers to your questions by visiting the Financial Fair for Personal Finance, a free event on March 16th.