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take-5-13-thumb Take 5: Five Ways to Improve Your Relationship with Your Boss (September 25, 2016) - FOR YOUR PERFORMANCE: Your boss has a wide range of goals and priorities that you may or may not be aware of. Some bosses are better at communicationg vision than others. Be sure you know what your boss values and wants to accomplish and align your work with their priorities.
detoursign Implementing New Business Processes: Setting up Road Signs (September 19, 2016) - Okay so you’ve documented the as-is process, you’ve determined your pain points, you’ve engaged all your downstream and upstream partners, and you have a brand new agreed-upon process ready to launch. You train all your staff. You modify forms and systems You give everyone a… Read more...
take-5-post Take 5: Five Ways to Develop Your Staff, Mentees, Students and Other People You Care About (September 19, 2016) - FOR YOUR COMMUNITY: This Take 5 post covers suggestions for how to encourage others to take on challenging projects and assignments while providing the support needed for risk taking, creativity and experimentation.
take-5-11-thumb Take 5: Five Ways to Improve Your Elevator Speech (and Generally Manage Up) (September 12, 2016) - FOR YOUR FUTURE: You suddenly find yourself in the elevator with a Vice Chancellor, Dear, Chair of your department or some other senior executive. What do you tell them about yourself and your work? Check out this post to find out!
Intercultural Workshops at I-House (September 7,2016) - The Robertson Center for Intercultural Leadership at I-House is offering the following workshops for campus staff this fall. Register for any of the four workshops through the UC Learning Center on Blu by searching for the workshop title or using the code in parentheses. I… Read more...
5 questions you should ask yourself about your career Take 5: Five Questions You Should Ask Yourself About Your Career (September 5,2016) - TO REFLECT: Risk is a critical component of creativity and innovation…the stuff of personal, professional, and organizational success. Even small risks, like speaking up in a meeting or pitching a new idea to the boss, can help advance group thinking and problem solving (and get you noticed if you’re doing great work but flying under the radar).
Fall 2016 Staff Career Development Workshops – Now open for registration! (August 30,2016) - Fall 2016 Staff Career Development Workshops are now open for registration! Hold your spot before the holidays!
5 Ways to be More Active at Work Take 5: Five Ways to be More Active at Work (August 28,2016) - FOR YOUR WELLBEING: Sit less, move more. Set a timer as a reminder to move hourly. Take a break to walk around the block, the lunchroom, to the restroom (whatever). Take regular stretch breaks! “Studies show that frequent, short rest breaks help combat fatigue and discomfort and have a positive effect on productivity.”