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Spotlight: Creativity and Innovation Spotlight: Creativity and Innovation (January 18, 2017) - There's lots of content for our new "Creativity and Innovation" Spotlight! Check out our latest posts and resources, and read about ways to be innovative and creative in the workplace to improve your work experience at UC Berkeley.
Creativity in Challenging Times – What I See Working Right Now (January 18, 2017) - Stressed? Overwhelmed? Discover two actions you can easily take to cultivate creativity for groups and yourself. My work facilitating planning discussions throughout UC provides a robust ‘lab’ for enhancing group creativity.
Recommendation: Physicist David Bohm on Creativity (January 18, 2017) - This inspiring article from Maria Popova of Brainpicking.org draws on the very smart insights of many people from different fields on creativity. I especially appreciate this paragraph: "Elizabeth Gilbert has a rather poetic term for this orientation of mind: “a state of uninterrupted marvel.” Bohm argues that we are born with it — a child, for instance, learns to walk by “trying something out and seeing what happens, then modifying what he does (or thinks) in accordance with what has actually happened.”
Innovative Thinking in Pursuit of New Revenue (January 18, 2017) - UC Berkeley is determined to maintain its excellence in the face of significant financial challenges, so we have to get creative in how we support our teaching, research, and public service activities. Part of the solution is to generate revenue in new ways, and that requires us to start thinking about innovative possibilities. That’s where my office comes in.
Cal Dining Culture Recipe (January 18,2017) - Hi Student Affairs. We want to share with you a brief story about a team that is building pride, trust and community in their workplace! Cal Dining provides meal service to approximately 33,000 customers on an average school day. They accomplish this miraculous feat with 350 career employees, roughly 400 student employees and a whole lot of teamwork.
Leader as Storyteller: Cathy Koshland (January 18,2017) - The Wisdom Café sat down with Cathy Koshland, UC Berkeley's Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education, to discuss her career story and her views on how to be a leader. Check out the interview below!
Matías Tarnopolsky Creativity: The Human Resource (January 18,2017) - Creativity is about challenging ourselves to think in new ways, and to be willing to explore places and spaces we think we already know well, or those we have never before visited. Just as important, creativity is also about basic things like developing good work habits, perseverance, and the absolute—fearless, in fact—willingness to try, and to try again. Most importantly, all of this must be grounded in ethics and values.
Sharing the Load – the Art of Delegation (January 18,2017) - In today’s campus climate, managers and supervisors are expected to achieve business objectives with less resources. Given your current workload you may be asking yourself, how on earth can this be accomplished?