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IT Leadership Program: Leadership Reflections Series (July 21, 2017) - Since starting the ITLP program in 2012, UC Berkeley has had more than 47 graduates of the IT Leadership Program (ITLP). Participants include campus-wide IT professionals. MOR Associates was chosen as the training platform for our IT professionals. MOR Associates has been supporting, advising and… Read more...
Cal Answers That!  Student Data Classroom Training Announcement for Wisdom Cafe (July 11, 2017) - Cal Answers Student Data Basic Navigation Training Want to learn how to navigate the Cal Answers student data subject areas to access, format and print your data tables? Sign up to be added to the Waitlist and we will notify you as soon as more… Read more...
Five Final Thoughts About Growth at Work… Ending with the Beginning in Mind (June 25, 2017) - We started this series with five career risks you should consider taking …seems fitting to end with some prompts that help you do just that. Pitch a new idea to the big boss: Take time this week to write a note to the big boss with your awesome idea to “improve, streamline, simplify, save or raise money, be more inclusive, create a happier client, improve productivity, and/or morale or any other positivity generating” thing you can think of.
5 Ways to Improve Your Own (and others) Morale (June 18,2017) - Use these (and any other actions you can think of) to regain a feeling of recognition, excitement, involvement, connection and positivity toward your work and future... Take a moment to personally recognize a colleague for a job well done (don’t put this off, do it today). Peer-to- peer recognition can be as powerful as formal recognition programs – and it is a critical bonding activity. Make yours as personal (and meaningful) as possible.
Five Resources for Better Problem Solving (June 11,2017) - 5 Stages in the Design Thinking Process, The Power of Outsiders NY Times Video, Change One Habit to Change Everything NY Times Video, The Achievement Habit - Bernard Roth, d.school Reading List
Unlocking the Power of Growth Mindsets (June 7,2017) - We had our 2nd session of the “Thriving as a Manager at Berkeley” program focused on the concept of Growth Mindsets. We were led by Laura Kray, a faculty member at the Haas School of Business who teaches on this topic, and Jo Mackness, our… Read more...
Lynda.com and your career development (June 6,2017) - Cultivating your career involves learnable skills. A recent count of Lynda.com courses resulted in well over 50 that directly address career development skills and topics. That’s great, but who has time to explore all of them? Here are a few selections suggested by professionals concerned with the career development of UC Berkeley staff.