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Five Everyday Stress Busters (February 25, 2017) - Start by identifying your stressors. Are they professional? Personal? Temporary? Permanent? How much control do you have over them? It will be easier to develop an action plan if you can identify the source of the problem. You may want to use “design thinking” to help generate solutions… Here are a few simple stress busters that may also help.
5 Ways to Approach the New Goal Oriented Performance Review (February 21, 2017) - Understand “Outcomes” As They Relate to Your Position- Its important to understand that the purpose of the goal oriented performance evaluation is rooted in the idea that what you “produce” is as important as what you actually “do”. In other words the tasks that are the foundation of your job and the way you do them is no longer the single indicator of good performance. What is more important is the impact you have on people, resources and on the effectiveness of your unit. Start by thinking about not only about what you do, know and value but also about what you contribute to the organization.
Finance Competency Framework Town Hall on 2/24 from 10-11am – Open to all staff! (February 17, 2017) - Flyer for this event available here. Campus finance professionals, As the demand for financial analysis and problem-solving skills continues to increase, UC Berkeley is looking to the finance community to play a leading role in helping the campus achieve its strategic and financial goals. To… Read more...
Five Ways to Reward and Recognize Others (even if you are not their manager) (February 12, 2017) - Take Care of Community! Nothing makes life and work more wonderful than generous and supportive colleagues. These individuals can work miracles for your morale, sense of self-worth, and even your future career opportunities. Our university community is made stronger through your efforts to recognize and include others.
Five New Career Realities (February 5,2017) - The Need to Take a More Entrepreneurial Approach to Career Development: Career success is more dependent on “entrepreneurial” thinking and action than ever before. What do I mean by “entrepreneurial” thinking and action? This is the ability to take more risk, actively and aggressively seek out new opportunities and connections, think creatively about career pathways, dedication to developing “crossover” career skills that transcend sector, and the ability (to gracefully) promote oneself and one’s abilities.
Take 5: Five Best Pieces of Career Advice Ever Gotten or Given (January 29,2017) - Gotten: Always be a little bit uncomfortable with the depth and complexity of your assignments and projects, this is how you learn. Take on projects that you think you cannot do. Risk has its rewards. Fake it til you make it (especially helpful if you are observing items 1 and 2).
Take 5: Five Ways to Eat Better at Work (January 22,2017) - START WITH THE BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS Skipping breakfast? Carb loading unintentionally? Nothing can get you off to a better start than a healthy breakfast. THINK AHEAD Try prepping on the weekend. Many healthy foods freeze well, can be transported easily and nuked at the office. Develop your inner Martha Stewart people…I know you can.
Spotlight: Creativity and Innovation Spotlight: Creativity and Innovation (January 18,2017) - There's lots of content for our new "Creativity and Innovation" Spotlight! Check out our latest posts and resources, and read about ways to be innovative and creative in the workplace to improve your work experience at UC Berkeley.