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5 Ways to Improve Your Own (and others) Morale (June 18, 2017) - Use these (and any other actions you can think of) to regain a feeling of recognition, excitement, involvement, connection and positivity toward your work and future... Take a moment to personally recognize a colleague for a job well done (don’t put this off, do it today). Peer-to- peer recognition can be as powerful as formal recognition programs – and it is a critical bonding activity. Make yours as personal (and meaningful) as possible.
Five Resources for Better Problem Solving (June 11, 2017) - 5 Stages in the Design Thinking Process, The Power of Outsiders NY Times Video, Change One Habit to Change Everything NY Times Video, The Achievement Habit - Bernard Roth, d.school Reading List
Unlocking the Power of Growth Mindsets (June 7, 2017) - We had our 2nd session of the “Thriving as a Manager at Berkeley” program focused on the concept of Growth Mindsets. We were led by Laura Kray, a faculty member at the Haas School of Business who teaches on this topic, and Jo Mackness, our… Read more...
Lynda.com and your career development (June 6, 2017) - Cultivating your career involves learnable skills. A recent count of Lynda.com courses resulted in well over 50 that directly address career development skills and topics. That’s great, but who has time to explore all of them? Here are a few selections suggested by professionals concerned with the career development of UC Berkeley staff.
Five Ways to Help Yourself and Others Accept “Change as the Norm” (June 4,2017) - Expect It Most organizations, including UC Berkeley, are going through constant evaluation, assessment, and related re-alignments of people and resources (driven by the desire to remain competitive and effective). You probably wouldn’t want to work for an organization that wasn’t future focused and that didn’t have the good sense to make regular adjustments to improve its performance. Change is easier when we both “expect”, “accept” and even welcome it.
Help me to Help you… (May 31,2017) - When asked to write a piece for this amazing blog- Keeping up with the Admins, I tried to think of something helpful and revealing for managers and supervisors to read. I wanted it to be something that could be inspiring. But this post will be none of those things. The main take away from this post is simple. Are you ready for it?
Five Ways to Develop “Portable” Skills (and improve your future career options) (May 28,2017) - Why should you consider how your skills crossover to other employment sectors? Increasing automation, constant change, and economic uncertainty – that’s why. The future of work requires increasing adaptability, flexibility, and the application of a wide range of highly developed skills to ever- changing projects and (potential) future employers. Here’s a few prompts to help you get started…(involve others in this reflective and action-oriented process).
5+ Reflections on Purpose Driven Work (May 21,2017) - Work is more rewarding when it reflects and incorporates our deepest values and interests. Use the following questions to reflect on the deeper purposes of your work. See if they help you find more enjoyment and meaning in what you do every day. Finding your purpose: Why does your work matter? Why have you chosen to work at UC Berkeley? How does your work make a difference? Does your work reflect your personal values? How and why?