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The Importance of Innovation for UC Berkeley (October 19, 2017) - We had our 3rd session of “Thriving as a Manager at Berkeley” focused on Innovation. We were led by Kurt Beyer, a faculty member at Haas and the I-School, and our EVCP Paul Alivisatos. Kurt interviewed Paul, and some of the interesting comments Paul made… Read more...
Fall 2017 Multicultural Education Program Workshops Are Open for Enrollment (September 7, 2017) - The Multicultural Education Program is pleased to offer workshops for the Fall 2017 semester. We offer enrollment options for Individual Workshops or for our MEP Certificate Curriculum.
Spotlight: Professional Development (September 2, 2017) - Professional development is fundamental to succeeding in the workplace! These posts feature some tools and tips on how to achieve this in your work at UC Berkeley.
Your Professional Development: The “What” and The “How” (September 1, 2017) - by Inette Dishler - As the school year begins, it’s a good time for all of us to think about what we want to learn! Everyone in our campus community can be learning all the time - not just our students. So how do you figure out what and how to learn?
Sting vs. The Clash: People Management Insights   (September 2,2017) - by Jo Mackness - Our strongest managers here at Berkeley are the ones who “set them free” and support their best people by exploring different projects, teams and units. Here are some ways to support your people’s career development!
Pursuing Professional Development: A Personal Staff Story (September 2,2017) - by Susie Hill - In pursuing my own professional development, I first have to step on some A.N.T.S (Automatic Negative Thinking) according to Daniel Amen . But luckily, my being nosy got me to peruse the UC Berkeley website when I first started working here, and that lead me to find the Berkeley Staff Assembly and the Wisdom Café website, a one stop shop to gather information for your professional development needs.
Communities of Practice (September 2,2017) - by Marlita Khan - One of the best things I’ve done here at Berkeley is to become involved in Communities of Practice (COPs). What are COPs? COPs bring together staff with similar professional interests, and serve as a community to share knowledge and offer professional development.
To Grow Your Career – Grow Your Skills (September 5,2017) - by Terrie Moore - Career coach and blogger Chrissy Scivicque calls professional development the #1 most important tool for career growth.  I agree that it is crucial, whether you want to move up, move to a different type of role, or you’re already in your dream job.