Recommendation: Physicist David Bohm on Creativity

This inspiring article from Maria Popova of draws on the very smart insights of many people from different fields on creativity. I especially appreciate this paragraph:

“Elizabeth Gilbert has a rather poetic term for this orientation of mind: “a state of uninterrupted marvel.” Bohm argues that we are born with it — a child, for instance, learns to walk by “trying something out and seeing what happens, then modifying what he does (or thinks) in accordance with what has actually happened.”

Live and Learn: 1 Year Later!

I am proud to share that we have reached the 1 year anniversary of the Wisdom Café! This project and site have been a labor of love to expand our staff’s learning opportunities and support social learning across our organization. We have a talented, smart and dedicated workforce who have much expertise to share and just need a place to do that.