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At Cal, we use a 5-part model of career development to help you organize your career development planning activities.  We encourage you to explore all the information, resources, and tools provided in each area of our model.

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I Resolve To… - Another year has begun, and brought a new chance to put intention into action.  Resolutions have a mixed reputation, and quite honestly, I’m not the best at keeping them.  But as a huge proponent of clarifying direction and goals, here’s what’s on my mind.  … Read more...
To Grow Your Career – Grow Your Skills - by Terrie Moore - Career coach and blogger Chrissy Scivicque calls professional development the #1 most important tool for career growth.  I agree that it is crucial, whether you want to move up, move to a different type of role, or you’re already in your dream job. and your career development - Cultivating your career involves learnable skills. A recent count of courses resulted in well over 50 that directly address career development skills and topics. That’s great, but who has time to explore all of them? Here are a few selections suggested by professionals concerned with the career development of UC Berkeley staff.
Your Career Development Resources – Building Momentum for the New Year - The Spring schedule of career development workshops will kick off later this month. The workshops are held over the noon hour to fit into busy schedules, so feel free to bring your lunch. They address a full range of career development priorities, from clarifying your interests, skills and direction – to communicating your strengths through resumes, interviews, and online presence.
Career Story: Norman Tom – How One Person Can Quietly Make a Big Difference Career Story: Norman Tom – How One Person Can Quietly Make a Big Difference - Norman Tom, who recently retired after a career at the College of Chemistry spanning several decades , doesn’t think of himself as an innovator; he modestly says he “just gets stuff done.” But his persistence and passion helped create valuable new professional development opportunities for staff. He’s a good example of how one person can quietly make a big difference.
Career Story: Luis Hernández: Cal Alum, Staff Member, Veteran, Immigrant Career Story: Luis Hernández: Cal Alum, Staff Member, Veteran, Immigrant - Luis Hernández is an Academic Achievement Counselor with Cal Veterans, where his experiences as a veteran and Cal alumnus inform his work everyday. The Wisdom Café sat down with Luis, who shared his story as a first-generation immigrant, veteran, and Cal alum, in order to understand the crucial role he plays in the campus and staff communities.
Recomendation: What Color is Your Parachute - If you are looking for one resource to help navigate the sometimes choppy waters of career planning, I would consider putting Richard Bolles’ What Color is Your Parachute at the top of your list. Bolles’ guide, which has been updated every year since its debut in 1970, provides practical and time-tested strategies for everything from initial career exploration through salary negotiation.
Recommendation: “Vulnerability” TED Talk - I hate being vulnerable. The older I get, however, the more I realize that it's actually a virtue, and not a sign of weakness. This was a disturbing realization for me, and I felt a deep sense of kinship with Brene Brown when I came across this TED talk titled, "Vulnerability." I can relate with almost everything she says about discovering that vulnerability is actually a key to strength of character and resilience, and I would highly recommend this to my colleagues as food for thought.
Reflections from NOW 2016 Take Charge of Your Career NOW! - Dr. Sid Reel reflects on this year's NOW Conference this past July. She offers suggestions on 'taking charge of your career,' based on this year's NOW Conference theme: "Reflect, Envision, Act."
Joanne Straley Career Story Joanne Straley Career Story - Kari Hamilton, Associate Director of Career Services at the Goldman School of Public Policy, sat down with Joanne Straley, Senior Director of Student Services in the School of Journalism, to discuss her career, Berkeley Facilitator's Network, and the Catalyst Program.
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